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NPD have been providing specialist Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution services to our extensive UK and Worldwide Client base since 2001. Our clients range from Multi-Nationals. County Councils down to small proprietor-based businesses. Our Partners have over 50 years hands on experience of all aspects of Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution. 
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We will guide you through the debt recovery process and help you make informed decisions at each of the stages from the initial letter before action, to issue proceedings, obtaining judgement and enforcing. 
With a reputation of being trustworthy, NPD & Co is proud of the number of long-term relationships we have developed with businesses over the years. It is a testament to the effectiveness of our working methods and ethos is that many of our current clients are those that we initially dealt with as debtors. 

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Whether you need some advice on any of the eventualities that you will be confronted with in the everyday running of your business - from payments on a lease car to employment law, reassurance about when it is appropriate to seek expensive legal advice or a full credit solution, we would be delighted to hear from you. 
We have used the services of NPD & Co now for several years, and have found their professionalism second to none.” 
Clive Chatfield - Kent County Council 
Just some of the companies we have worked with: 
Aston Martin 
Papa John's 
Coca Cola